How to program a White Rodgers thermostat?

To program a White Rodgers thermostat, one does not need to take much trouble with the existing HVAC system. This brand designs the best thermostat for steam heat that can be programmed to make the users’ life easy and comfortable. With a White Rodgers installed at the house, either a basic or a digital one, one can relax all week around in both winter and summer. The devices are designed by concentrating on how to facilitate the users most simply with the highest utility at a negligible cost.

Process to program a White Rodgers Thermostat

The White Rodgers devices come usually in two variants – the basics and the digital ones. Both of these can be programmed at the user’s convenience. For simplicity, some consider this brand as the best programmable thermostat.

The user can program a White Rodgers thermostat on 5/2 days basis. This means that the device is programmable separately for weekdays and weekends. Following a step-by-step process will help a user to program the device correctly:

Step 1: Time and day initiation

After installing a thermostat from the White Rodgers line, one needs to set the time and day first for operational accuracy. For this function, there is a time button that will allow the user to set the time in chronological order from hours, minutes to am/pm settings. After that, the correct day of the week has to be picked. Once done, the device is ready for programming.

Step 2: Choosing a thermostat mode

The very first step to program the White Rodgers is to choose a working mode between cooling or heating. For this purpose, there is a sliding switch that can put to cool, heat, or off; as the user wants. When in the cooling mode, the screen will put a flame icon; and when in the heating mode, a snowflake icon will appear. Before programming, one needs to decide the mode for which the customized temperature settings will function.

Step 3: Entering into the program settings

By pressing the PRGM button, the user will have access to the program settings of the device. In the program module, the user will have the opportunity to set the desired temperature for weekdays and weekends in turn by turn. Unlike to program Braeburn thermostats, the White Rodgers is programmable for the weekends and weekdays only.

Step 4: Setting temperature for particular time of a day

There four time slots during a day for which the device will let the user set preferable temperatures. The custom settings function will come chronologically for these slots in this order – wake, day, evening, and night. When setting the temperature for one slot will be done, another will appear on the screen. A press on the time button will lead to the first time slot of a day. In the time slot, the user can change time with the grey-colored up and down buttons at when the slot should start functioning. With each click, the time will change for 15 minutes.

The desired temperature of the steam heat thermostat will have to be set for the selected time slot. One can increase or lower the temperature according to his comfort with the same up and down buttons. Once the preferred temperature level is shown on the screen, pressing the prgm button will save the setting for the time slot, and move on to the next slots. In this way, each of the other time slots can be programmed for the whole weekdays, and the weekend as well.

Step 5: Start function

When the customization of the temperature settings is done, a simple press on the run button will put the thermostat into function. And the set temperature at the particular time slots will come into effect in the room.

What may hamper the custom setting from working?

Sometimes, even after the programming, the thermostat may not work properly up to the user’s satisfaction. One can find the thermostat not reaching set temperature that he set for a schedule. He can troubleshoot this issue with some very simple measures. These measures are easier than dealing with the Honeywell heat only thermostats.

When the custom settings are not working properly, the user should check the White Rodgers thermostat battery, and see if they still have the capacity to provide power to the device. If the batteries are about to drain their capacity, the user should consider changing them. The process of replacing batteries is much easier than to change battery in a Nest thermostat.

On a completely separate note, the process to program a Digital White Rodgers is completely different than these above steps. This guide is how one can program a Classic White Rodgers thermostat in easy steps.

Bottom line

White Rodgers thermostats have brought a revolution to the residents these days. With the innovative programming features, the range of devices can provide the utmost satisfaction to the users. Having these at their houses, reliance can be established that the house will be ready just at the desired state, not so cold, or too hot. The only requirement is knowing how to program a White Rodgers thermostat. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to