Should you put a freezer in the garage?

The pandemic has taught us the benefit of having some extra food stored in the house. Apart from saving us from the hassle of going to the store now and then, a spare freezer can be a big help if you have a large family to cook for. So many of us decide to get an extra freezer to keep in the garage or place it there to save some place. But is it something worth doing? Let’s check out.

Consider the Benefits of Having a Freezer in the Garage

Before moving any further, let’s have a look into what are the perks of placing the freezer in your garage:

Helps avoid going out during a pandemic: In this COVID-19-situation, the last thing we want to do is go to the grocery store frequently. However, if you have a large freezer in the garage, you can buy a lot of groceries at a time and store them for a long time. This will also save you the extra cost of fuel that you needed every time you went grocery shopping in your car.

Be a winner at the sale: We all have been in a situation where sales are going on, and many necessary and even fancy food items are sold at a surprising price, but we think twice before getting them because of the shortage of space in our freezer. You wouldn’t have to face this problem if you got a spare freezer.

Helps to avoid eating out: Having an extra piece of this appliance means you always have the extra room for frozen foods. Every time you feel like going out to get a cheeseburger or a pizza, pick one out from the freezer. Also, keeping homemade frozen foods encourages you to eat healthily and eat at home.

Comes in handy if you have guests coming over: Every time you have a group of friends for dinner or invite your entire family to eat together, you must’ve found some trouble cooling the desserts or storing the pre-made foods. This freezer in your garage will make being a host a lot easier.

How should your garage be if you want to place your freezer there?

A freezer needs a convenient environment to give its best performance. If the air is too hot, it will have to over-work and may fail to work efficiently. This will increase your electricity bill as well, as the freezer will have to work harder than usual. On the other hand, if the area is too cold, the freezer’s compressor may shut off and stop freezing foods properly. A regular freezer works between 68 and 71 degrees. Any temperature above 100° F or below 0° F can be deadly for the freezer.

Before putting your freezer in the garage, make sure that the place is flat, dry and cool. Placing it in a comparatively cooler place will make it work better, spending lesser energy. You should avoid setting it up near a window. However, to prevent overheating, make sure that the back and the top of the freezer get enough air circulation. Keep it in such a position that prevents the falling of direct sunlight on the freezer. To stay on the safe side, check for special guidance on your freezer’s manual regarding setting it in the garage.

When should you put the freezer in the garage?

In case you live in an area that doesn’t experience a drastic rise and fall of the temperature, it is most likely safe to use the freezer this way. Apart from that, if you have an insulated garage that is climate-controlled, you don’t need to worry either. Just make sure that the place is dry and cool enough to run the freezer in the proper manner.

Is the garage-ready freezer a nice fit?

The garage-ready freezers are specially designed to work in extremely high and low temperatures. Most freezers of this category can work fine between a temperature of 0-100° F. These freezers have a small heater installed. The heater makes sure that the thermostat keeps the compressor running in extremely hot or cold temperatures. However, it is best to keep the temperature around 70 to 75 degrees to keep it running smoothly.

Some freezers come with an extra thermostat kit to use in extreme heat and cold. Another thing you can do to make it garage-ready is to get a clamp-on lamp from your nearest improvement store for a few dollars and put it near the freezer. Place them with an incandescent light bulb. This method will trick the freezer, thinking that the weather is warmer than it is in reality. Using an infrared heater will do the same magic.

When should you not put the freezer in the garage?

If you live in areas that get too hot in the summer or extremely cold in the winter, it is best not to try setting your freezer up in the garage. Regular freezers may fail to give you the desired result in such cases. Apart from that, if your garage doesn’t have enough airflow, this may not be a good idea to execute. You may try the garage freezers instead if you really want one.

Safety: Just like any other electrical device, installing a freezer in the garage also requires some safety measures. To avoid any unwanted situation, look for a place near the outlet to put the freezer in. Using an extension plug is highly recommended to avoid. Don’t forget to switch off the plug every time you clean inside your freezer.

Bottom Line

By now, we know the bright sides of having a freezer in the garage. It can be a big help, especially in such challenging times we are going through. However, there are few ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ in this regard. Still, if you want to get one for yourself, don’t forget to look into the manual before buying. If you are thinking of taking your old freezer down to the garage, have a talk with the manufacturer. So, make sure that you maintain the safety measures. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to