7 Common Mistakes People Make While Using A Humidifier

Why do you buy a home-humidifier? Of course, the answer is to prevent dust mites, mold mildew, skin dryness and allergies. But is your humidifier serving its purpose accordingly? If not, then you may need to consider whether you are using it the right way. 

7 Common Mistakes People Make While Using A Humidifier

When misunderstanding is there, wrong uses of humidifier may result in inefficient utilization. It may also does not confirm the longevity of the device. Here we have listed some of the common mistakes people make when using the best humidifier at home for your convenience.

Best Place to Put Humidifier in Bedroom

People often install the humidifier very close to their bedrooms or in the far distant corner. Both are mistakes. Placing it that close to your rooms will leave your carpet, sheets and curtain damp. Installing it far in the remote corner will not let it humidify your home properly. So, placing it too far and too close both are mistakes people make. It would be best if you put it in a neutral place so that it could be in a standard distance from your rooms.

Of course, you should remember to keep it on a flat surface for optimum performance. its the best place to put a humidifier. A humidifier full of water has a chance of falling over and creates a complete mess if not settled on a flat surface. It is crucial to keep your humidifier on a high, dry and flat surface. But people make the mistake of putting it on the ground or carpet or wooden surface. So, when the water starts to heat up, it causes damage to property. the humidifier cannot humidity your house effectively if it is not installed correctly.

Setting Humidity Level on Humidifier

People often start using the humidifier without checking the default humidity level of their house. You cannot meet the perfect humidity level without adjusting the level. Not measuring the moisture level before installing the humidifier either leaves your home too dense or too dry. You cannot enjoy the comfort you desired. Not knowing the humidity needs of your house is one of the reasons why you might find the humidifier unsatisfactory. It is a common mistake almost everyone fall for.

Setting humidity level on humidifier is an important job. But before setting it at a level, you must know the current humidity level of your room. So, find our what percent humidity you should set on your humidifier at.

Water Issue – Can You Use Tap Water in Humidifier?

Tap water contains unpurified minerals. You will be making a terrible mistake if you use it in your humidifier. People often use tap water. Humidifiers disburse the minerals and release white dust into your home environment. That is harmful to your health and makes cleaning up harder. Minerals tend to build up bacterial growth in the tank as well as in your home environments. The vapor released in the year goes directly into your lungs. It can cause respiratory infections or this sort of health issues.

Keeping it Always on the High Humidity Level

People often interpret that the more humid the environment, the better. So, they let the humidity level rise higher and higher. But even when it seems comfortable at times, it is causing damage to your home. A humidifier can cause mold. High humid level accelerates the formation of mold and it makes your allergy problems get intense. High humidity also causes inconvenience in the environment. As a result, you always have moist curtains, sheets and carpet with foggy mists on your window. So, the risen moisture level does more harm than good.

Using a humidity sensor switch can be a great help to keep the humidity at a target level. 

Lack of Humidity Level Monitoring

People frequently assume that they do not have to worry about the moisture level after installing a humidifier anymore. But that is not true. The humidity needs of a house vary with the weather change. In summer, it needs to be below 60℅ and in winter, the ideal humidity level has to be between 25% to 40%. Therefore, if you do not feel comfortable, it is because you don’t monitor and change the level accordingly. And keeping the humid level unmonitored and unchanged increases the chance of dust mites and mold formation. So, the humidifier will not serve up to its purpose if not monitored and reset from time to time.

Poor Maintenance

The very mistake people cannot avoid is not being able to maintain the humidifier. That slows down the humidifier and its performance is affected. Most times, people let the water sit in the tank for too long. It circulates bacterial formation. If the water is not changed frequently, it causes the humidifier to release vapor that has bacterial substance. Some people leave the leftover water in the tank after finishing using it, which is also a mistake. These bacteria cause harm to the health and environment.

The inner mechanism should be checked once in a while, such as the tubes, connections and chords. The homemakers often forget to check up on these essential parts of a humidifier. A damaged cable can be the cause of an electrical hazard, causing dysfunction in the humidifier. A dysfunctional humidifier can be the reason why you do not feel the desired comfort you once enjoyed.

Ignoring to Check Humidifier Capacity

People who buy it often forget or avoid the fact that they need to consider the size of their house to determine the capacity of the humidifier they are about to buy. They end up purchasing one that has a lower capacity of humidifying in comparison to the area. Or they buy a way too big one. If the capacity is not compatible with your house, the purpose of having a humidifier is impeded. These mistakes lead you home to be too dry or too moist all the time. So before buying one, it is a must to do complete research and purchase the perfect capacity humidifier for optimum performance and exceeding comfort.


Very few precautions can simply prevent these most occurring mistakes. You can use a moisture meter to keep track of the humidity level in your house. It would be best if you kept the tank clean and empty when not in use. It would help if you always tried to use filtered water in the humidifier and keep the tank sprayer and tubes clean. But if you buy a smart one that already has an auto filtration system and a humidistat, you can save yourself time and effort. Take in a note that it is an appliance that needs to be cleaned daily. It is a must. Also, mold can be grown in humidifier if not taken care of. However, there are ways that can help to prevent mold in humidifier

Bottom Line

So, these were some of the mistakes people make while using a humidifier. The humidifier is one of the most significant appliances in the household. The mist, it creates, enters our body directly. It has access to have an effective impact on our health and environment. Therefore, you can not afford to make these little mistakes that could hamper your daily life. You can avoid making mistakes with just a little caution.

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