10 Tips for Safe Summer Barbecues with the Major Dos and Don’ts

Tips for Safe Summer Barbecues

Now that we’re enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, it’s time to dust off your backyard grill and enjoy a tasty barbecue. It may be tempting to jump right into chef mode and start cooking that delicious grilled meal you’ve been craving all winter, but before you do, consider the following grilling safety tips to … Read more

Does air purifier really work?

does air purifier work

What is the closest place to heaven on earth? The answer is our homes. Especially in this pandemic, many of us spend the whole day indoors. However, have you ever questioned how safe the indoor air is? Indoor particles such as mold spores and allergens can invite various health hazards, such as runny nose, cold … Read more

Humidifiers help for sufferers of acute bronchitis

humidifier for acute bronchitis

Humidifiers are great for adding moisture to the air and sucking out the dryness from the area. Hence, they are really good for different types of infections including acute bronchitis. In this study GotAbout found that it eases the suffering of the patient and boosts the recover as well. Before digging into how humidifiers help, … Read more

What is the Best Location for an Air Purifier?

placing an air purifier

Air purifier makes your home a hundred times healthier to live in. You can sleep soundly knowing it is doing its work. But are you sure your purifier covers all the areas you want it to? Well, it depends on the position and capacity of the device. In this article, we will help you understand … Read more

How does a refrigerator compressor work?

refrigerator processor

The compressor of a refrigerator is a vital component of the appliance. It compresses the air while controlling the flow of the refrigerant. The main job of a compressor is to convert the low gas to a high-pressure one and maintain the flow of cool air inside the general or mini refrigerator. To know more … Read more

How to organize a chest freezer?

organized chest freezer inside

Chest freezers are known for their depth and storage capacity but it can be pretty hard to keep them organized all the time. Some of the brands provide one or two hanging racks and that’s about it. You need to find your own ways to keep them organized. Organizing a chest freezer is not that … Read more

7 Reasons why your refrigerator is leaking water

leaking water

A refrigerator is an appliance, without which your daily life is unimaginable. Investing in a good-quality refrigerator is supposed to give you a long-term service. However, the machine sometimes gives birth to a few troubles, probably the most common is water leakage. The leaked water gets troublesome, as it affects the food inside, requires frequent … Read more

How do you know if your refrigerator compressor is bad?

The compressor is one of the most important parts of a refrigerator. It maintains the cold air flow by releasing the warmth. So, your refrigerator would not be able to keep the temperature cold if the it isn’t working properly. Therefore, if you are facing issues with your refrigerator, check your compressor first. Now you … Read more

Best Ways to Heat a Pool without a Heater

Heating a pool without heater

How many times have you wanted to jump in the pool but couldn’t because the water was freezing cold and you don’t have a heater to kick start? Well, not anymore now you can enjoy perfect temperature water in your pool anytime you desire to because we are going to walk you through the Best … Read more

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors with Vinegar and Dawn?

class shower

No one likes to see soap scum or shower grim when they enter the shower for a satisfactory bath. And when you have glass shower doors for a fancier of an experience then, an unclean door is just a deal-breaker. You need not worry anymore. Because you will never have to have that experience again, … Read more

How to Remove Bad Odors from Your Room?

Nothing ruins time at home other than funky smells. It creates an uncomfortable and inhabitable situation. So if you are looking for ways to get rid of those odors, you’re at the right place. We will walk you through the whole process of how to remove bad odors from your room in this article, so … Read more

Most Common Household Toxins and How to Remove Them

Household toxins are chemical substances that eventually increase in quantity inside the boundary of your home and affect the health and environment of your household. Like ethylene glycol, sodium hypochlorite ammonia, Mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, BTX isomers, polyvinylidene chloride etc. These are all commonly present in cleaners, or personal hygiene products, or even containers … Read more

How to Remove Unpleasant Odors from Kitchen?

Remove odors from Kitchen

Cooking is a key household chore. Some people do it for fun also. But yet, there is some irritating stuff related to cooking, which needs to be gotten rid of. “Bad smells” is one of the bothersome things that we always want to vanish. Sometimes we want to cook something delicious but throw this plan … Read more

Should you put a freezer in the garage?

freezer in garage

The pandemic has taught us the benefit of having some extra food stored in the house. Apart from saving us from the hassle of going to the store now and then, a spare freezer can be a big help if you have a large family to cook for. So many of us decide to get … Read more

What Temperature Should a Refrigerator be at?

refrigerator temperature setting

A refrigerator is one of the most common kitchen appliances that everyone has in their homes. It helps to keep our food fresh for a long time and makes our lives easier. But if the temperature is not right, the purpose of a refrigerator will not be fulfilled. The temperature controls the freshness of the … Read more

How to Move a Refrigerator? Easiest and Safest Way You Can Follow!

refrigerator mover

Whenever you are packing, kitchen appliances would be the most difficult ones to pack. Especially appliances like refrigerators, gas stoves need special preparation to move. You need to know the right technique to move these appliances safely. Otherwise, you might end up damaging the appliance while moving it. Here is the right and the safe … Read more

How long does a refrigerator last?

life time of a refrigerator

Refrigerators are an important element of a household and as a significant appliance, it plays its part nicely. Refrigerators usually tend to last longer than other appliances. On average, refrigerators tend to last around 10 to 13 years depending on the model and the usage. Their lifespan is typically longer than other appliances like washing … Read more

Where to store bread in the kitchen?

bread in a box to store

Storing bread is much more critical than you would think it is. And if you are here looking for the right answer then you already know that and, in fact, in the right place. There are some variables you first need to answer for yourself. Like how long do you want your bread to last … Read more

How to store homemade sourdough bread?

sourdough bread

Nothing is better than chewy sourdough bread and a false of warm milk in the warming and even in the evening. Sourdough bread is something you can enjoy any time of the day. That is why the majority of bread lovers prefer making their own bread at home. But do you know how to appropriately … Read more

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